Doing things differently to generate extraordinary results for people and planet.

With our unique combination of cutting-edge research and proven transformational practices, we help you foster personal and organizational transformations to sustainability.


There is no doubt that we need to shift our current systems and cultures to reach globally agreed sustainability goals. We’ll help you approach this in a way that is deeply personal, practical and radically strategic all at the same time.

A transformational process

Our commitment is to help you strategically shift unsustainable systems and cultures - with clarity and wisdom. We’ll support you to create a courageous, creative and compassionate culture, where your team feels meaning, connection and a collective purpose on your way to sustainability solutions.

It takes courage to show up and practice doing things differently over time, especially when it’s challenging long-established norms and systems. It starts with knowing how to unfold the greatest potential of your team and your projects.

Founded in research

How do you actually go about solving these issues at the rate, scale, speed and depth that is called for? Research on social and systems change holds some of the answers, and we are here to help you put it into practice.

We bring decades of experience in cutting-edge research and international collaborations. Specifically, we are building on interdisciplinary research on climate change and transformations to sustainability.

A full picture approach

Most approaches to climate change and environmental issues today are partial, siloed or fragmented. Working holistically and transdisciplinary is challenging, yet essential to reach our sustainability goals.

With the Three Spheres of Transformation framework you will be able to address complexity without making it complicated. The framework is extensively researched and practiced globally, with extraordinary results. Know how respond to problems, shift systems and norms, while being anchored in your wisdom and humanity for real and lasting results.

Creating fractals of change

All over the world, people are working for a healthy planet and thriving communities. By working to shift systems and cultures based on values, each of us can generate new patterns for a better future.

As the European hub for Radical Transformational Leadership, cCHANGE is committed to generating fractals of change, and support you to do the same.

This transformative approach has been trusted by:

  • Bærum kommune
  • NMBU
  • OBOS
  • Norwegian Environment Agency
  • GRID Arendal
  • Farvatn
  • European Environment Agency
  • Research Council of Norway
  • Fremtiden i våre hender
  • Norges Idrettsforbund

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