Supporting you to create conscious and courageous change.

cCHANGE promotes a conscious, creative, collaborative, and courageous approach to sustainability transformations. Here is some of what we have to offer.

Transformational design, strategy and collaboration

We’ll work with you and your team to design and implement strategies and projects that brings sustainability to the core of what you do based on who you are and what you deeply care about. We also love to collaborate and co-create on strategic projects and initiatives that will help shift unsustainable systems and cultures, and create exciting alternatives for people and planet.

  • We facilitate processes to design and implement an integrative strategy for your sustainability work, and help you achieve alignment and synergies across projects and collaborations.
  • Partnering with you to co-create initiatives and projects that align with a shared commitment to nature and people.
  • Building the capacity of your team to develop and implement the strategies and practices needed for transformative results.

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Transformative capacities and leadership

Build capacity within your community and organization to create and lead change with clarity and wisdom. Using tested and research-based templates, tools, methods and approaches, our values-based and holistic approach will help you to unleash the transformative potential of individuals and groups to generate results.

  • Transformational Leadership for Sustainability (TLFS) - a comprehensive and powerful leadership and strategy program.
  • Thematic programs to develop capacities related to specific issues or sectors.
  • Workshops and seminars for developing communication, collaboration, and engagement.

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Transformational Research(ers) with Impact

Research is increasingly expected to generate transformative impacts for people and the planet, and many researchers want to make a difference. How can researchers be more transformative? We support your research projects by providing a transformative lens on design and actions, and developing the transformative capacity of researchers.

  • Programs and workshops: transformational researcher program and shorter introductory workshops with coaching.
  • The Three Spheres of Transformation – we’ll help you shape your proposal, strategy and implementation based on an internationally recognized scientific framework for transformative change.
  • Engage us as a partner on your research project.

cCHALLENGE: Engaging people with transformations to sustainability

A 30-day challenge that offers insights that go far beyond conventional appeals to individual change. cCHALLENGE is a comprehensive, collaborative program for community engagement and an experiential tool that directly engages people with the practical, political and personal spheres of transformation.

  • Interdisciplinary educational tool for schools and universities, with ready-to-go teacher training, materials, and plans. Meets a wide range of curriculum goals in a fun and social way.
  • Accessible and engaging sustainability project for individuals and organizations to learn about change, share ideas, and practice new, sustainable ways of doing things.
  • Includes strategic planning, capacity building and personal and group coaching – for organizations.

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Transformative conferences and events

We create conferences, meetings and events that generate deeper and more meaningful partnerships and solutions. Bringing together people who have passion and expertise is valuable, but it is even more impactful to create spaces for them to transcend their expertise, disciplines, hierarchies, sectors and views and connect with others who are passionate about producing results.

  • Strategic design and an empowering narrative for results
  • Access to cutting-edge knowledge and practices on climate change and sustainability
  • The event as an arena for inspiring courageous action and commitment to results